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Acro Warrior




AcroYoga as a practice has the potential to change lives through its unique combination of practice, play and community. We strive to offer the highest quality guidance as students look to refine their skills, broaden & deepen their knowledge of the practice and begin to step into the role of teacher & community leader. 


Are you ready to take your Acro to the next level? To transform the way you move with a partner and in your own body. To immerse yourself in a practice that changes the lives it touches.

AcroWarrior Training is more than just an  acrobatic skill training. At the heart of this program is the belief that the practice of AcroYoga has the potential to change lives and transform the world. AcroYoga offers us a practice that provides space for us to discover how much we are truly capable of. Through this program we aim to hold space for trainees to refine & grow their skills as acrobats & healers, while learning to cultivate their voice and offering as a teacher






Warrior Bridge

250 Front Street

New York,

NY 10038


Upcoming Trainings


Acro Warrior Summer Intensive

July 15th-29th
Daily Schedule 9am-5pm



This summer we embark on a transformational 15 day experience where trainees have the opportunity to grow as acrobats, teachers and warriors. Led by a team of New York City's highest level AcroYoga and Acrobatic teachers this training is a unique oppurtunity to deepen your acrobatic practice and refine you skills. 

Training will be divided into four categories
Acrobatic Training: Progressive skill training in AcroYoga and Partner Acrobatics, starting with refinement of foundational skills we will learn the elements and themes that bring ease and efficiency to the Acro practice. These same elements will be explored as journey into higher level skills including Pops, Whips, Hand to Hand and Standing Acrobatics. 

Therapeutics: The therapeutic branch of the AcroYoga practice offers an opportunity to bring balance to the way we practice acrobatics. Trainees will learn to give a 30 minute therapeutic flying session that stretches and lengthens the entire body. In addition to L-Basing therapeutics we also offer sessions dedicated to Thai Massage and Partner Stretching through out the training to keep our bodies primed for Acro!

Solo Movement Studies: Your personal movement practice has the ability to greatly help or hinder you Acro practice. We will spend significant time improving our own movement practices through a combination gymnastics, yoga, dance and other conditioning. 

Community Leadership: This includes a series of lectures, group discussions and teaching exercises meant to empower us in our acro practices.This will include stepping out of you comfort zone and aligning our practices with our goals.

Application process

We require all applicants ask themselves are they prepare to enroll in this program the following:

-Why are you ready for this training? (This can be but is not limited to your previous experience in acro or teaching or what are you looking to take away from this training)

-Why are you passionate about Acro?

You should also be able to perform or be actively training towards the following

  • 30 Second Freestanding Headstand
  • 30 Second Handstand at the wall
  • 30 Second Wheel Pose
  • 20 Second Foot to Hand ( Base or Fly)
  • Base, Fly and Spot Ninja Star


Upon acceptance into the program you will be asked to pay a deposit of $500 to reserve you space in the training



Super Earlybird $1750, ( Limited to the first 5 Registered Trainees)

Early Bird $2000 by June 15th

Regular Tuition $2250

All inquiries can be directed to acrowarriortraining@gmail.com