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Acro Warrior




AcroYoga as a practice has the potential to change lives through its unique combination of practice, play and community. We strive to offer the highest quality guidance as students look to refine their skills, broaden & deepen their knowledge of the practice and begin to step into the role of teacher & community leader. 


Are you ready to take your Acro to the next level? To transform the way you move with a partner and in your own body. To immerse yourself in a practice that changes the lives it touches.

AcroWarrior Training is more than just an  acrobatic skill training. At the heart of this program is the belief that the practice of AcroYoga has the potential to change lives and transform the world. AcroYoga offers us a practice that provides space for us to discover how much we are truly capable of. Through this program we aim to hold space for trainees to refine & grow their skills as acrobats & healers, while learning to cultivate their voice and offering as a teacher






Warrior Bridge

250 Front Street

New York,

NY 10038