Acro Warrior immersions are an opportunity to dive deep into the acro practice in concentrated period. Immersions are led by senior Acro Warrior Teachers and offer content relevant to the communities that host them. You can find a list if currently scheduled Acro Warrior Immersions below. If you have any questions about an upcoming event or would like to schedule an immersion for your community send us an email at


Acro Warrior Summer  Immersion

Level I: Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate
July 14th-18th

Day 1- Shapes, Calibration and Movements
Day 2- Foot to Hand, Hand to Hand and Pops
Day 3- Whips and Washing Machines
Day 4- Icarian
Day 5- Standing Acro and Hand to Hand


Level IIIntermediate & Beyond
July 20th-24th

Day 1- Icarian and Single Point
Day 2- Trios and Group Acro
Day 3- Whips & Standing Hand to Hand
Day 4- Frontflips and Backflips
Day 5- Whips that Pops and Pops that Whip, Twisting Icarian



Tuition :
Single Module: $595
Both Modules $995

Day Rates:
Single Day Pass- $160
Two Day Pass- $290
Each additional day beyond two days $120


Bring A Partner Special : $100 OFF Each

--Partner discounts applicable only for participants registered for one, or both full modules.