Summer Training Program Schedule


Full Training $2250

Seven Day Module ( July 15th-21st or July 22nd-28th) $1250

Five Single Day Sessions $1000

Single Day Rate $225

*If enrolling in single days please make sure that you can perform all prerequisites

You can register for day sessions at


Day 1: Foundations of AcroYoga

July 15th

On the first day of our summer intensive we will introduce the key elements of the acrobatic practice.

Our morning session will include a led yoga/movement practice designed to condition and mobilize the body for acrobatics. Handstand progressions and techniques will be introduced, explained in detail and of course drilled.

In the afternoon we will explore the foundational elements of acrobatic flying and apply the concepts to L basing and standing acrobatics. This session will focus on building a framework for training that can be used to progress any acrobatic skill. During the session trainees will be encouraged to work in same size groups  and explore the role of base, flyer and spotter.


Day 2: Foundations of Therapeutic Acro

July 16th

The therapeutic branch of acroyoga has the ability to bring balance to the way we practice acro. This session will feature led movement practice focused on cultivating the essential flexibility for acro, including splits, forward folds, backbending and hip openers.

This session will introduce the foundational elements of the therapeutic acro practice including therapeutic flying, partner stretching, and Thai massage. Themes of the day will include an exploration of the quality of touch, creating stability and comfort in our own body as a giver and practicing the art of receiving therapeutics.

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Day 3: Washing Machines & Popping

July 17th

In this session we will be exploring essential techniques, and drills, for washing machines and pops.

For bases both washing machines and pops are techniques where we must cultivate power, mobility and receptivity. For flyers a unique combination of stability, mobility and trust are essential. Throughout the sessions we will refine our spotting techniques and instill smart training habits.

Prerequisites: Able to base or fly sidestar, ability to base or fly foot to hand

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Day 4: L Basing Hand to Hand & Standing Acro Flows

July 18th

Hand to hand and standing acro are both skills and disciplines that can seem incredibly intimidating when we begin our acro journeys.  

In our hand to hand training we spend significant time exploring how to make our handstands consistent and suitable for hand to hand. The key progressions for safe and effective hand to hand and reverse hand to hand practice will be explored including grips, preparatory poses and exercises, entrances and exits.

In the standing acro portion of the day we will explore a variety traditional and non-traditional counterbalances and standing poses and work to link them together into a flowing sequence. We’ll explore elements of performance including rhythm, tempo and flow.

Prerequisites: Flyers: 30 Second Handstand at the wall

Bases: ability to consistently base low foot to hand and star


Day 5: Thai Massage & Flying Therapeutics

July 19th

Today's training focuses on the practice of Thai Massage and Therapeutic flying as a way to bring balance to our acro practice. These arts have the potential to bring great joy and healing to both the giver and receiver but also can be tools to rehab and prepare our bodies for acrobatic practice.


These sessions will focus on how we can integrate therapeutics into our acrobatic practice. We will introduce supine (lying face up) and prone ( face down) sequences that address common areas of pain and tension that often arise in acrobats. Topics of discussion will explore optimal pressure, rhythm and sequencing for therapeutic acro.

Day 6: Washing Machines & Creative Flows

July 20th

In this session we will deepen our explorations of washing machine sequences and how to create scalable options to make sequences either more accessible or more intense depending on our goals and partners.

We will explore transitions that move us in and out of grounded flows in a variety of manners. Creative shapes and movements will be explored as we deepen our repertoire and understanding of acro flow.

Prerequisites: Base or Fly a 20 second L-Sit, Base or Fly Flag (counterbalance)

Day 7: Riding Your Edge

July 21st

In our final session of module 1 we will explore working at our peak level skills; this requires keen observation, patience and most of all safety. We will address skill refinement, advanced spotting technique and how to troubleshoot and break through plateaus as we work our peak skills. Effective coaching language and technique will be explored. This goes beyond just cues; we will discuss the role tone, timing and touch play in effective coaching.

Prerequisites: Base or fly Ninja Star, 30 second  Foot to Hand Hold

Day 8: Progressive Training Methodology & Mono-limb Balances

July 22nd

As we enter into Module 2 we will begin to clarify the goals of our acro practice and explore the process of working into our goals. This involves the specific structure of a training session in addition to balancing acro, conditioning/other movement practices  and the rest of your life. When we set goals often become fixated and place lots of pressure on ourselves as we work hard to accomplish them. This session will explore how to work efficiently and effectively towards our goals while maintain the joy and fulfillment this practice can bring us.

We will then apply this methodology as we work into progressive variations on shoulderstands and reverse star.

Prerequisites: Must be able to base or fly shoulderstand (flyers hands on the bases arms with fingers facing down),

Bases:30 second free star hold

Flyers: tuck, straddle and pike jump into star.


Day 9: Next Level Handstands & Trios

July 23rd

Prepare to test your limits in this session. With the foundations of handstanding defined and techniques drilled we will begin to refine our alignment, explore the structure of a hand balance training session and explore new shapes and movements.

This session will also include an exploration of trio work. Understanding shapes within our own body allows us to find alignment and ease when working with a partner, this dynamic is further tested when we add a third party. We will learn to find stability in static shapes in order to find ease as we begin transitioning and linking together shapes into a trio flow.

Prerequisites: 45 second handstand at the wall, Bases: easy 30 second foot to hand


Day 10: Thai Massage & Acro Rehab

July 24th

Our longevity and success as acrobats is directly related to our ability to care for ourselves. In this session we will deepen our dive into thai massage as we explore the sidelying, seated and inverted positions. In the thai massage practice we look to cultivate “Metta” or loving kindness in the way we touch, this allows us to share bodywork and acro in a way that invites sensitivity and compassion. Over the course of this session we’ll learn to give a full body treatment that moves our receivers the body through assisted postures were we can offer healing touch to some of the most common areas of stress and overuse in the acrobatic body. Tradition and non traditional thai techniques will introduced and refined

Prerequisite: Familiarity with basic prone and supine bodywork techniques

Day 11: Icarian & Whips

July 25th

Prepare to flip, twist and fly as we dive into the work of Icarian and Whips!


Whips use a combination of technique, calibration and momentum to create smooth, fast and fun transitions as we learn to flow from shape to shape. In whips bases must learn to cultivate stability,consistency and reaction time. The work of the flyer involves integrating the fundamental body positions and tumbling movements into dynamic acrobatic movement. We’ll explore the essential concepts and calibrations to bring consistency and ease to any whipping practice.


In Icarian we take our pops to new heights as we disconnect entirely from our partners and begin to introduce flipping and twisting movements. We’ll explore throwing and catching mechanics for the base with an emphasis on consistency and receptivity.  Flyers play with a delicate balance of rigidity and dynamics. Skills will layered throughout the day with some peak skills that are sure to test everyone edge. Excellent spotting is a must for this session and we plan for everyone to leave with the skills to support others in the exploration of Icarian.


Prerquisites: Base or fly consistent sidestar to sidestar tic tocs with no hands, reverse star

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Day 12: Advanced L-Basing and Standing Hand to Hand

July 26th

In this session we’ll begin level up our standing acrobatic practice as we move through the key progressions for advancing our L basing hand to hand and moving it into the realm of standing. Grips and carrying angles will be further explored and refined with differences  and commonalities between L basing and standing explained and experienced. We’ll play with new entrances into L basing hand to hand( both regular and reverse) as well as the foot hand to hand drills that set us up for success in hand to hand.

We’ll breakdown several new entrances into the 2 high position with an emphasis on efficient lifting mechanics and clean body mechanics. From there we will explore a variety of loading techniques and entrances into standing foot to hand and hand to hand.

Prerequisites: Base or fly: 2 high, minimum 10 second l basing hand to hand, 30 second L sit






Day 13th: Acropeutics, Pyramids and Group Washing Machines

July 27th

As we begin to advance in our acrobatics practice many practitioners begin leave behind the the therapeutics and playfulness of the acroyoga practice, in this practice we’ll dive into those aspects head first.  In this multifaceted day session our aim to have the most fun day of acro anyone has ever had ever.  Starting with time devoted to therapeutic flying we’ll introduce several new flying positions and therapeutic techniques that allow the flyer let go complete and experience a full body release as we dig into some of the stress bearing corners of the body.


In our afternoon session we will explore some of the most fun aspects of the acro practice including acro games, multi base and flyer pyramids and poses and group washing machines! While each of the aspects will be fun and playful we’ll also explore keeping these practices safe  and holding a space for deep connection.


Prerequisites: Minimum 6 months of consistent acro practice





Day 14: Advanced Washing Machines & advanced Hand to Hand Technique

July 28th

In this final open day session of our Acro Warrior Summer Intensive we will be exploring some of the most advanced material of the training program.

In part one of our day we will be working into some advanced washing machines specially designed for this day. These ain’t your grandmas washing machines, these sequences will incorporate much of the skills we have building throughout the training. Machines will incorporate L basing counterbalances, pops, whips,  transitions to standing and more!

In part two of this day we will be working into advanced handstanding technique. This includes further refinement to our fundamental entrances and exits to handstands. A dive into the mechanics and techniques of the handstand press and finally progressions and drills working with weight shifting and laying the foundations of the one armed handstand.

Prerequisites: Base or Fly High Barrel Roll, flag counterbalance, experience with popping, 1 minute wall handstand